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Equivalence of NGS-based MammaPrint 70-gene signature risk of recurrence and BluePrint 80-gene signature of molecular subtyping tests to the centralized microarray tests

Publication: ESMO BREAST CANCER CONGRESS 2022 Authors Esther Schuler(1), Sahra Uygun(2), Lorenza Mittempergher(3), Darina Pronin(3), Sammy Mee(2), Simon Bao(2), Tyson Cavness(2), Anke Witteveen(3), and Annuska Glas(3) 1. Zotz|Klimas, MVZ Düsseldorf-Centrum GbR, Germany 2. Agendia Inc., Irvine, CA 3. Agendia NV., Amsterdam, Netherlands Background The MammaPrint® 70-gene signature (70GS) risk Read More

Comparing MammaPrint and BluePrint results between core needle biopsy and surgical resection breast cancer specimens

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Joseph McKelley, Jennifer Wei, Brian Hoxeng, Andrea Menicucci, Erin Yoder, Shiyu Wang, William Audeh Background: Pre-operative/neoadjuvant treatment utilization in early-stage breast cancer has been increasing, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. With goals of minimizing potential exposure to SARS-COV-2, as well as resource rationing, physicians are urged Read More

ESMO 2020 – Hallmarks of Cancer

PUBLICATION: ESMO 2020 AUTHORS: Josien C. Haan, Rajith Bhaskaran, Lorenza Mittempergher, Ersan Lujinovic, William Audeh, Frederique Penault-Llorca and Annuska M. Glas Background: MammaPrint® (MP) is a 70-gene based assay that stratifies early-stage breast cancer (EBC) patients into low and high-risk of relapse. BluePrint® (BP) is an 80-gene based assay that Read More

Performance Characteristics of the BluePrint® Breast Cancer Diagnostic Test

PUBLICATION: Translational Oncology Volume 13, Issue 4, April 2020, 100756 AUTHORS: Lorenza Mittempergher, Leonie JMJ Delahaye, Anke T Witteveen, Mireille HJ Snel, Sammy Mee, Bob Y Chan, Christa Dreezen, Naomi Besseling, Ernest JT Luiten, Annuska M Glas SUMMARY: The analytical performance of a multi-gene diagnostic signature depends on many parameters, Read More