A global leader in innovative genomic technology and diagnostic tests.

About Agendia

Dedicated to pristine science in personalized medicine.

Agendia is the only molecular diagnostics company focused solely on breast cancer. With our groundbreaking genomic testing, we generate reliable and meaningful clinical data about the unique biology of a woman’s breast cancer. Backed by prestigious physicians and institutions globally, we are shifting the standard of care towards more ideal, personalized treatment.



Providing clarity and confidence on the path to recovery.

We believe in the power of genomic testing to better inform the patient journey – from the moment of diagnosis to remission, and beyond. It sheds light on complex treatment decisions, leading to the most relevant and targeted approach for each individual patient.

In helping doctors achieve the best possible outcomes, we hope to improve their patients’ overall quality of life.

We do this for the people who have to watch their mother or daughter go through a debilitating disease. For the women who don’t need treatment, but do it anyway.

— Mark R. Straley, CEO, Agendia

"We do this for the people who have to watch their mother or daughter go through a debilitating disease. For the women who don’t need treatment, but do it anyway." — Mark R. Straley, CEO, Agendia

Growth in translational research.

Multiplying Data Sets

By continuing to generate comprehensive clinical data,
we are able to further develop our pipeline of products
for the breast cancer market.

Expanding Access

Having already launched our CE-marked test suite in Europe, Latin America and Asia, we are reaching deeper into global markets, enabling wider access to our testing platforms.

Building Networks

We work with leading academic institutions, cancer centers and advocacy organizations to broaden our understanding of patient needs, genomics and cancer biology.

Ongoing Studies

Through key partnerships, we are advancing a number of clinical trials, including I-SPY2 and the FLEX Study, that will ultimately impact how breast cancer is treated.

Awards and accolades.

Named one of “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies” on 2020 INC 5000

The American Society of Breast Surgeon Foundation Award

The American Medical Association Award

AACR Outstanding Investigator Award for Breast Cancer Research

Co-founder, Laura van ‘t Veer, inducted into the 2020 class of “Giants of Cancer Care” in Cancer Diagnostics

Co-founder Laura van ‘t Veer, given the European Union Women Innovator Award

Co-founder, René Bernards, elected as an international member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS)


Founded on a desire to predict which cancers would metastasize.

Whereas previous science relied on clinical factors, we believed we could better tailor results to a patient’s tumor. Since inception in 2003, we have become a powerhouse in precision oncology with a growing global base of partners and patients.

  • Introducing MammaPrint.
  • Development and validation.
  • Continued growth.
  • Committed to innovation.