Everything you need to know about
your breast cancer.

Cost shouldn’t keep you from life-saving tests.

At Agendia, we are consistently working to alleviate the stress and financial burden of testing costs. If you are a patient navigating health insurance coverage or any necessary financial assistance programs, we will support you at every point in the process.

We founded Agendia with the goal of personalizing breast cancer treatment and decreasing the consequences of unnecessary treatment.

Laura, Founder, Agendia


U.S. Patients

Insurance Coverage

Working with insurance companies and medical organizations, we do all we can to help maximize your coverage.

MammaPrint is reimbursed by CMS (Medicare) and most commercial health plans in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

How it Works

Once approved, we bill your health insurance directly. Depending on your benefit level, your insurance may pay some or all of the cost of the tests. You may be responsible for any co-insurance, co-pay or deductible expenditure in accordance with your policy.

Financial Assistance

We strive to reduce out-of-pockets costs for U.S. patients and their families who struggle to afford our genomic tests.

If you have no health insurance or your health plan doesn’t cover the Agendia tests, you may be eligible for one of our four financial support programs. Work with our customer care team to determine whether you qualify for financial assistance.

Contact our Support Team

For questions about coverage or eligibility, contact our customer care team:


International Patients

Insurance Coverage

Agendia’s tests are covered by select public healthcare systems across the world, including several in Europe.

To find out if MammaPrint and BluePrint are covered in your country, or for more information on your reimbursement status or private insurance options, please get in touch with our customer care team

For Canada, Latin America and Oceania, please contact us in the U.S.:

For Europe, Asia, and South Africa, please contact us in the Netherlands:
+31 (0)20 462 1510

I called Agendia about my financials, and the person I spoke to answered all my questions, explained the process, and told me what the steps were.

— Angie, a breast cancer survivor