Nina D’Abreo, Jennifer Crozier, Adam Brufsky, Ian Grady, Sami Diab, Blanche Mavromatis, Carrie Dul, Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman, Laura Lee, Vijayakrishna K. Gadi1, Sarah Untch, Erin Yoder, Heather M. Kling, Amy M. Truitt, William Audeh, Bastiaan van der Baan, FLEX Investigators Group
Genomic expression profiles have enabled the classification of breast cancers into molecular subtypes and provide prognostic information about the metastatic potential of the tumor, both of which have implications for the personalized treatment of breast cancer beyond clinical and pathological features. However, to precisely stratify tumors into actionable subgroups, full genome expression data should be combined with comprehensive clinical information. The FLEX Registry aims to aggregate a large, real- world dataset, which will enable discovery of novel genomic profiles, particularly for patient subsets that are poorly represented in traditional clinical trials and will contribute to improved precision in the management of breast cancer.
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