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Dr. Nathalie Johnson Calls for Medical Community to Move to Action for Equality in Genomic Testing for Black Women

Dr. Nathalie McDowell Johnson, M.D., FACS, surgical oncologist and immediate past president of the American Society of Breast Surgeons shares her opinion in STAT News article on why Black women with breast cancer experience higher death rates and how utilizing a more advanced genomic test can provide a more comprehensive understanding and accurate risk evaluation.

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HIT Consultant: Q/A: Dr. Johnson Talks Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Care

Nathalie Johnson, MD, FACS, President of The American Society of Breast Cancer Surgeons, recently spoke with HIT Consultant about why the conventional genomic test commonly used for breast cancer treatment planning is failing Black women, and in part, contributing to their disproportionately high mortality rate. Dr. Johnson discusses why MammaPrint provides more consistent results for Black women than the other gene expression profiling test, enabling more personalized treatment and improved outcomes.

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Agendia Presents New Data Demonstrating MammaPrint’s Clinical Utility in Treatment Decisions for Ultra-Low Risk Breast Cancer Patients […]

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Agendia and artist Andrea Caceres go “beyond the mammogram” in a portrait series illustrating people touched by breast cancer.


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