Michaela Tsai, Hatem Soliman, Shelly Lo, Rubina Qamar, Raye Budway, Ellis Levine, Pat Whitworth, Blanche Mavromatis, Robin Zon, Sarah Untch1, Lisa Blumencranz, Joseph McKelley, William Audeh, PROMIS Investigators Group


Treatment recommendations in ER+ patients ≤ 50 years: comparison of the 21-gene assay and 70-gene signature in the PROMIS study

The PROMIS trial previously evaluated how a definitive result from the MammaPrint 70-gene signature (70-GS) can impact treatment recommendations for patients with an intermediate range recurrence score (RS 18-30) from the 21-gene assay. This current analysis examines the updated treatment recommendations based on the interaction between patient age and clinical risk and explores the impact that the 70-GS can have on adjuvant chemotherapy decisions for women ≤50 years of age.

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