Raquel Nunes, Dipali Sharma, Lisa E. Blumencranz, Heather M. Kling, Sahra Uygun, Andrea Menicucci, Amy Truitt, Sarah Untch,
Jennifer A. Crozier, William Audeh


Racial disparities in breast cancer: identifying predisposing clinical and molecular features associated with African American patients

Breast cancer (BC) mortality is higher in African-American women (AA) than in Caucasian women (CA) . AA are also diagnosed at a younger age, have more aggressive subtypes, and greater incidence of metabolic dysfunction, such as obesity and diabetes . These disparities have been attributed to a confluence of socioeconomic, genetic, and epigenetic factors . However, the distinctive tumor biology of AA BC is not yet fully elucidated, as AA remain underrepresented in breast cancer studies and databases. Here, we compared clinical and molecular BC features of AA and CA patients for insights into mechanisms associated with these racial disparities.

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