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The Predictive Utility of MammaPrint and BluePrint in Identifying Patients with Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Who are Most Likely to Have Nodal Downstaging and a Pathologic Complete Response After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

Publication: Annals of Surgical Oncology, Sept 1 2023 Authors: Peter Blumencranz MD, FACS, Mehran Habibi MD, Steve Shivers PhD, Geza Acs MD, Lisa E. Blumencranz PhD, Erin B. Yoder MS, Bastiaan van der Baan MS, Andrea R. Menicucci PhD, Patricia Dauer PhD, William Audeh MD & Charles E. Cox MD

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MammaPrint® Index as a predictive biomarker for neoadjuvant chemotherapy response and outcome in patients with HR+HER2 breast cancer in NBRST

Publication: ASCO 2023, Abstract #521 Authors: Peter D. Beitsch 1 , James V. Pellicane 2 , Lajos Pusztai 3 , Paul L. Baron 4 , Erin F. Cobain 5 , Mary K. Murray 6 , Andrew Ashikari 7 , Pond R. Kelemen 7 , Angela Marie Mislowsky 8 , Julie Barone 9 , Kenneth H. Cowan 10 , Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman 11 , William C. Dooley 12 , Andrea Menicucci 13 , Christine Carruth 13 , M. William Audeh 13 , Pat W. Whitworth 14 , NBRST Investigators Group

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Molecular profiles of genomically High Risk ER+ HER2- breast cancer tumors classified as functionally Basal or Luminal B by the BluePrint

PUBLICATION: ASCO 2021   Authors Joyce O’Shaughnessy1, Virginia G. Kaklamani2, Yuan Yuan3, Julie Barone4, Sami Diab5, Jennifer A. Crozier6, Pat W. Whitworth7, Karen L. Tedesco8, Robert Maganini9, Rakhshanda Layeequr Rahman10, Carlos A. Encarnacion11, Josien Haan12, Amy M. Truitt12, Andrea Menicucci12, William Audeh12, FLEX Investigators’ Group13 Background The 80-gene signature Read More