Breast Care 2015;10:118-122

Shimizu H., Horimoto Y., Arakawa A., Sonoue H., Kurata M., Kosaka T., Nakai K., Himuro T., Tokuda E., Takahashi Y., Taira F., Ito M., Abe I., Senuma K., Stork-Sloots L., de Snoo F., Saito M.

Of 38 cases judged to be at intermediate risk based on the St Gallen 2007 Consensus, 11 (29%) were in the high-risk group based on MammaPrint. 1 of the 30 luminal A-like tumors (3%) was judged as high risk based on MammaPrint results, whereas 7 of the 20 tumors (35%) categorized as luminal B-like or triple negative were in the low-risk group.

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