Jennifer Crozier, Gordan Srkalovic, Adam Brufsky, Mehran Habibi, Pat Whitworth, Charles Cox6, Ian Grady, Thomas Lomis, Nina D’Abreo, Sarah Untch1, Erin Yoder, Heather M. Kling, William Audeh, Bastiaan van der Baan, FLEX Investigators Group


The FLEX Real World Data Platform Explores New Gene Expression Profiles and Investigator-Initiated Protocols in Early Stage Breast Cancer

Genomic signatures are revolutionizing the definition, identification, and treatment of breast cancer. To precisely stratify breast cancers into actionable subgroups, full genome (FG) expression data and matching clinical data must be aggregated into a large, real-world dataset. Such a dataset will accelerate research and discovery, especially for smaller patient subsets that are not as widely represented within the current body of literature.

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