Ava Kwong, Sarah Untch, Heather M. Kling, Christine Finn, William Audeh, Vivian Shin, Sherene Ishtihar, Margaret Chen


Different MammaPrint and BluePrint molecular profiles and clinical-pathological features of early stage breast cancer in Chinese patients in the United States and Hong Kong

Breast cancer rates among Asian women are relatively low compared with Western populations; however, rates have increased in recent years (1-2). Few studies have characterized clinical-pathological features and molecular subtypes in Asian breast cancer patients, although substantial variation in occurrence among Asian subpopulations has been reported (2). Here, we report clinical factors, pathology, and molecular profiles of Chinese patients enrolled in the US and Hong Kong, HKSAR, and from randomly selected and age-matched Caucasian (Cau) and African-American (AA) patients.

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