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Whole transcriptome analysis comparing HR+ HER2- breast cancer tumors from patients ≤ 50 years and > 50 years

PUBLICATION: ASCO 2021   Authors Cathy Graham1, Douglas K. Marks2, Nina D’Abreo2, Sami Diab3, Vijayakrishna K. Gadi4, Midas M. Kuilman5, Andrea Menicucci6, Amy M. Truitt6, Shiyu Wang6, Patricia Dauer6, William Audeh6, FLEX Investigators’ Group8 Background Recent prospective clinical trials have demonstrated a differential chemotherapy effect based on age (≤ Read More

MammaPrint and BluePrint as prognostic indicators for elderly patients with early-stage breast cancer

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Peter W. Blumencranz, Mehran Habibi, Lisa Blumencranz, Andrea Menicucci, Shiyu Wang, Amy Truitt, William Audeh, Jolanta L. Baginski, Steven Shivers, Geza Acs, Charles E. Cox, MINT Investigators Group. Background: Elderly breast cancer (BC) patients are an understudied population, with limited evidence regarding treatment options and Read More

Cost-effectiveness analysis of the 70-gene signature compared with clinical assessment in breast cancer based on a randomised controlled trial

PUBLICATION: European Journal of Cancer AUTHORS: Valesca P. Retel, Danalyn Byng, Sabine C. Linn, Katarzyna Jozwiak, Hendrik Koffijberg, Emiel J. Rutgers, Fatima Cardoso, Martine J. Piccart, Coralie Poncet, Laura J. van ’t Veer, Wim H. van Harten. Abstract: The clinical utility of the 70-gene signature (MammaPrint®) to guide chemotherapy Read More