An intimate portrait series that illustrates the essence of 50 people who have been touched by breast cancer.

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Join us as we go “beyond the mammogram” in an intimate portrait series by renowned visual artist Andrea Caceres that illustrates the essence of 50 people who have been touched by breast cancer. Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is a non-linear journey that travels through fear and hope, uncertainty and knowledge, and pride and gratitude. This series taps into the bravery of your vulnerability, the grace that matches your grit, and your resilience through every emotion.

At Agendia we believe that every woman deserves a unique treatment strategy, based on strong science, that will help women and their healthcare providers make informed decisions. We know that the cancer journey begins at diagnosis and becomes a constant companion, redefining every part of who you thought you were and who you will ever be. We are there with you every step of the way. We are inspired by your stories, your ‘why,’ and your wildly complicated, intensely fluid, and exquisitely full worlds. We invite you to share them with us.

Michelle, 51
#IAMHERE 8 years and counting after my breast cancer diagnosis. What helped through the rough times is having a purpose! Mine was/is my daughter and my business An Extra Boost Of… gifts inspired by my breast cancer and life to help give others “an extra boost of… comfort, strength, love, etc.”

Stephanie, 52
#IAMHERE because I’m a stage IV metastatic triple-negative breast cancer warrior. I’ve been battling TNBC since 2017 with many recurrences. My new purpose in life is to advocate for better care, treatments & options for stage IV. Also to open up the conversation about metastatic breast cancer, which has no cure.

Cherie, 50
#IAMHERE because I have had Breast Cancer twice. First diagnosed at 39 years old. Eight surgeries, radiation, hormone treatment, and medicines bring me to today. I’m a survivor.

Ilene, 53
#IAMHERE because I am living with intention. I am trying not to allow metastatic breast cancer to manage how I live. I have hope that in my lifetime metastatic will go from terminal to chronic. I am living the best life I can so my daughter can have me in her life for more than just her childhood.

Debbie, 64
#IAMHERE to live my best life despite having Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. It’s stressful living from one scan to another but I have so much faith in my doctor. I love baking and doing things to make others happy. Praying for many more years and milestones to share with those I love.

Aretha, 50
#IAMHERE after my October 2013 breast cancer diagnosis, and subsequent 16 rounds of chemotherapy, lumpectomy, and 33 rounds of radiation therapy to inspire other cancer survivors, and to remind them that while cancer can take our hair, it doesn’t have to take our joy nor our will to LIVE greater.

Melanie, 44
#IAMHERE living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. I’m always praying for more time and that I use it wisely. I want my legacy to be: enjoy life, find your purpose, and lift others up along the way. I know my reality, but I still have HOPE. A single drop of hope can be a very powerful thing!

Yafit, 51
#IAMHERE because I was identified as a carrier of BRCA2 gene and had my ovaries were removed, but life had another story for me. 8 months later I was diagnosed with BC, I continued my journey. I had 16 chemo sessions, then a mastectomy. Now I’m a woman without my female organs but feel more feminine than ever. I chose life!

Sheila, 54
#IAMHERE living with metastatic breast cancer and hope. It’s emotionally hard to live scan to scan but I try to remain prayerful and positive. I’m excited to see new tools and treatments because those advancements can lead to better outcomes. I want to see milestones with my family and friends!

Adi, 54
#IAMHERE reflected to myself in the mirror during my cancer journey. Before the surgery and chemical treatments, suffering from traumatic hair loss and more. What keeps me in focus is the direct eye contact, between me and myself. This is where I get the real approval. I am strong!

Galit, 54
#IAMHERE, offering my pink glasses and my belief in one’s self-healing powers to my clients. I am a 10-year post-cancer psychotherapist working with clients with cancer, and this is my life mission.

Liana, 45
#IAMHERE because I trusted in myself! I felt the little hill but my doctor said “it’s nothing, go!” But I insisted and eventually I was diagnosed with high-risk stage 3 breast cancer. I realized that I wasn‘t alone in this battle. My family and I choose hope and keep faith in our hearts. This has been both the most horrible and amazing year.

Maya, 42
#IAMHERE because 2 years ago I went for a breast lift consultation and Dr. Maylick found a lump. I went to do a biopsy and they found another one – they were both pre-cancer nothing to worry about. Today, after 7 biopsy’s and 5 surgeries and waiting for number 6 I celebrate life, skydiving. Thank you to Belinson Hospital for finding my cancer and saving my life.

Gemma, 38
#IAMHERE because I am lucky, because the battle is never really ours. It’s luck of the draw. I am so grateful to be a survivor but I will never forget the many friends I have lost along the way.

Michelle, 51
#IAMHERE as a 2 time cancer survivor. I believe that hope and positivity are the key ingredients in any treatment regimen. There was no way I wasn’t going to see my two beautiful girls grow up, get married and see my grandkids get married. I Am Here to inspire and show others there can be life after cancer.

Angela, 46
#IAMHERE 3 years after being diagnosed with incurable secondary breast cancer. I’ve had a great response to some drugs and live an active, wonderful life. I have hope that new scientific discoveries will keep me busy living with mets and I advocate for better drug, trial and treatment options.

Rebecca, 30
#IAMHERE working as an ER Nurse because in 2014, I moved back home to Houston, TX to care for my Mom after her double mastectomy. I saw my mother for the first time weak, scared and vulnerable. I sat with her, I held her hand, I listened and we both realized I would make a great nurse.
Shannon I Am Here

Shannon, 40
#IAMHERE because I know my body. At 39, with two small children, a busy career and in the middle of a pandemic, I felt a lump in my breast and had it checked out. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and will fight it every day. Don’t let COVID-19 delay your routine medical care. Take action today.
Sarit I Am Here

Sarit, 49
#IAMHERE due to stomach surgery to lose weight where in turn I lost 30 kilograms and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had 16 treatments of chemotherapy and had my breasts removed because I carry the BRCA2 gene. I CHOOSE LIFE!!
Missie I Am Here

Missie, 50
#IAMHERE – I feel so blessed every day to be able to share my story with my patients as an oncology nurse and a breast cancer survivor. I can say to them- “ you are strong and you can do this- one day at a time.”

Nancy, 69
#IAMHERE because I have realized that I was not alone in this battle and I had to choose fear or hope. I was diagnosed with high-risk stage 2 breast cancer. Congratulations to all who have gone through a cancer diagnosis. My faith keeps me focused on my peace from God, trust him!

Magdalena, 46
#IAMHERE thanks to good, passionate people. In my case, looking for information from professionals that I could trust led me to MammaPrint and helped me to avoid chemo. My heart is full of hope and gratitude for all of the people I met on my path.
beverly I Am Here

Beverly, 57
#IAMHERE a 12-year survivor. 2 months after getting a pass on my mammogram. WOW! I felt a lump! My journey started right at that moment. I am here living my best life. Staying positive and having my friends and family by my side the whole time kept me stronger than I ever thought possible.
Julie I Am Here

Julie, 54
#IAMHERE because my friends and family were able to find laughter during my cluster of illnesses, and share in my experiences. Each day was filled with dinners, book club, work or family activities — so there was less time available to worry. And then, before I knew it, I was myself again.
Annmarie I am here

Annmarie, 49
#IAMHERE. I am a nurse practitioner, mother, wife, daughter and breast cancer survivor. MammaPrint helped me make scientifically based treatment decisions. I am so fortunate to have had access to this science! I am here 4 years later and surviving strong!

Alíen, 63
#IAMHERE but my life will never be the same. In 2018, I was a woman with ambitions until BRCA was established. Unfortunately, I had a large fast-dividing tumor. Chemo was the only option. That has ruined me mentally and physically. Luckily I got a lot of support from my loving partner.
I Am Here Judy

Judy, 54
#IAMHERE because 2 years ago, my dog pawed me with an extra push right on my chest. That’s when I felt a lump almost the size of a golf ball. Within 15 days, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. I am completely done with my treatment now and my family and I are just very grateful for our little angel.

Rebeca, 40
#IAMHERE because I decided to fight… I wasn’t ready to leave my 3 and 2-year-old babies. I was 32, I deserved the opportunity to see them grow and shine. Chemo, radiation, antibodies and love were my recipe to survive. And here I am, 40 now, enjoying a self-conscious life, with them and my new me.

Michaela, 39
#IAMHERE as a past runner with high energy still flowing. I am here as I have always listened and will continue listening to my body. I am here to show that belief, breathwork & yoga works! I am here on the next path through yoga, to show that power, faith, kindness & gratitude can sustain thee.
I am here Galia

Galia, 45
#IAMHERE as a previvor, someone with a BRCA mutation and who had the chance to kick cancer’s ass before it kicked mine, like it did to my mother and grandmother.
Kristie Raupp I AM HERE

Kristie, 47
#IAMHERE to be with my husband & children, family & friends, juggle work & home life balance, laugh & cry. I am here because anyone diagnosed with breast cancer deserves to know their cancer genomics. My mission at Agendia is to share the value of MammaPrint & BluePrint. We are more than statistics.
Emma I am here

Emma, 47
#IAMHERE at a bar, almost a year to the day after MammaPrint helped me avoid unnecessary chemotherapy after my mastectomies. I am here, with my best friend, at a send-off for her husband as he prepares for his second risky, experimental colon cancer surgery. I am still here; I miss him every day.
I am Here Cari Grundman

Cari, 58
#IAMHERE to find delight and cause for celebration in everyday successes, no matter the size. As a patient advocate and Agendia salesperson, I am able to channel this passion for finding the silver lining by sharing my knowledge and experiences with others going through a breast cancer diagnosis.
I am here Aleseia Saunders

Aleseia, 40
#IAMHERE because I am a believer. I believe in myself, my doctors and medical research. I believed that my child’s life was worth fighting for! I am here to inspire and show there can be life after being pregnant with breast cancer!
I am here Latonya Davis

LaTonya, 52
#IAMHERE keeping my mother and sister’s legacy alive. I am here living yet suffocating from survivor’s guilt. I am here raising Jayden. I am here dancing. I am here advocating via podcasting. I am here thanking God for my surgeons, my oncologist, my MammaPrint, my BluePrint and my support. I am here surviving.

Share Your Story 

Has your life been changed by a breast cancer diagnosis? Tell us your story – every feeling is valid, every story is uniquely important. 

Send us a high resolution photograph that captures your story, and 2-3 sentences that describe it. Because we acknowledge the vital role that healthcare providers, family support systems and other networks play in your journey, we welcome images and stories that pay tribute to everyone involved. We will select 50 stories and photographs to be magically transformed into illustrations to include in our portrait series featured here on agendia.com and on social media. Thank you in advance.

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