Clinical and Scientific Evidence for MammaPrint + BluePrint


Racial disparities within Basal-type breast cancer: clinical and molecular features of African American and Caucasian obese patients

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Dipali Sharma, Lisa E. Blumencranz, Heather M. Kling, Sahra Uygun, Sarah Untch, William Audeh, Jennifer A. Crozier, Mehran Habibi, and Raquel Nunes1 Background: African American breast cancer (BC) patients (AA) are diagnosed at a younger age and present more frequently with triple-negative/Basal tumors than Caucasian American Read More

Comparing MammaPrint and BluePrint results between core needle biopsy and surgical resection breast cancer specimens

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Joseph McKelley, Jennifer Wei, Brian Hoxeng, Andrea Menicucci, Erin Yoder, Shiyu Wang, William Audeh Background: Pre-operative/neoadjuvant treatment utilization in early-stage breast cancer has been increasing, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. With goals of minimizing potential exposure to SARS-COV-2, as well as resource rationing, physicians are urged Read More

MammaPrint and BluePrint as prognostic indicators for elderly patients with early-stage breast cancer

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Peter W. Blumencranz, Mehran Habibi, Lisa Blumencranz, Andrea Menicucci, Shiyu Wang, Amy Truitt, William Audeh, Jolanta L. Baginski, Steven Shivers, Geza Acs, Charles E. Cox, MINT Investigators Group. Background: Elderly breast cancer (BC) patients are an understudied population, with limited evidence regarding treatment options and outcomes, Read More

Differential gene expression in Luminal type invasive lobular carcinoma and invasive ductal carcinoma by MammaPrint risk stratification

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Beth-Ann Lesnikoski, Jennifer A. Crozier, Gordan Srkalovic, Patricia Robinson, Clodia Osipo, Kalyan Banda, Heather M. Kling, Midas M. Kuilman, Josien Haan, William Audeh, and FLEX Investigators Group Background: Invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) comprises 10-15% of breast tumors and is the second most common histological type after Read More

Molecular subtyping by BluePrint improves prediction of treatment responses and survival outcomes in patients with discordant clinical and genomic classification

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Pat Whitworth, James V Pellicane, Jr., Paul Baron, Peter Beitsch, Laura Lee, Michael Rotkis, Angela Mislowsky, Carrie Dul, Charles Nash, Bichlien Nguyen, Mary Murray, Paul Richards, Mark Gittleman13, Stephanie Akbari, Shiyu Wang, Andrea Menicucci, Erin B Yoder, Lisa Blumencranz, William Audeh, NBRST Investigators Group Background: The Read More