Sami Diab, Matei P. Socoteanu, Carlos A. Encarnacion, Cynthia R. C. Osborne, Carolyn B. Hendricks, Kristi McIntyre, Vibha Taneja Thomas, Rajith Bhaskaran, Josien Haan, Lorenza Mittempergher, Andrea Menicucci, William Audeh, Joyce O’Shaughnessy, FLEX Investigators’ Group

Previous studies have shown that CCNE2 expression is higher in patients’ cancers resistant to CDK4/6 inhibitors (1). Increased expression of CCNE2, MTDH, or TSPYL5, genes contained within MammaPrint (MP), a 70-gene risk of distant recurrence signature, has also been implicated in breast oncogenesis, poor prognosis, and chemoresistance (2-4). These genes are located on chromosome region 8q22.1, one of the most recurrently amplified regions out of all MP genes in breast cancers (BC) (5). MYC, located within close proximity on 8q24.21, is overexpressed in 40% of all BC. Here we examined the expression of CCNE2, MTDH, and TSPYL5 in relation to MP risk and the 80-gene molecular subtype signature, BluePrint (BP), and their correlation with MYC expression in early stage BC patients.

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