IRVINE, CA and AMSTERDAM – Agendia, Inc., a world leader in personalized medicine and molecular cancer diagnostics, recently announced the appointment of veteran medical oncologist M. William Audeh, MD, MS to the position of Chief Medical Officer.
“I’m very pleased to take on this new role in my career as the new Chief Medical Officer of Agendia,” Dr. Audeh said. “I’m firmly committed to applying my experience to Agendia’s state-of-the-art clinical oncology programs and industry-leading marketed products.”
The Chief Medical Officer reports directly to Chief Executive Officer Mark Straley and is responsible for translating complex laboratory science and personalized medicine diagnostics into actionable, patient centered solutions for clinicians.
“We are thrilled to have Dr. Audeh join us as Chief Medical Officer,” said Mark Straley, chief executive officer of Agendia. “We’re confident that his deep experience in the field of oncology will be extremely valuable as we continue our pursuit of bringing more effective, individualized treatments within reach of cancer patients.”
Dr. Audeh brings nearly 30 years of experience as a medical oncologist, clinical researcher and faculty physician at the Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center in Los Angeles. Prior to joining Agendia, and in addition to his clinical practice, he served as the former Director of the Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center, Medical Director of the Wasserman Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Program and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. Dr. Audeh has been Principal Investigator on a wide variety of national and international clinical and translational trials, and has authored numerous publications in the field of breast cancer, cancer genomics, and targeted cancer therapy.
Dr. Audeh received his medical degree from the University of Iowa and an M.S. Degree in Genetics from the University of Minnesota. He went on to complete his residency in Internal Medicine as well as a fellowship in Medical Oncology at Stanford University Medical Center. He is board certified on internal medicine and medical oncology, and is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and American Association of Cancer Research.
About Agendia
Agendia is a privately held, leading molecular diagnostics company that develops and markets FFPE-based genomic diagnostic products, which help support physicians with their complex treatment decisions. Agendia’s breast cancer and colorectal cancer tests were developed using an unbiased gene selection by analyzing the complete human genome. Our offerings include the FDA-cleared MammaPrint® FFPE as well as BluePrint®, a molecular subtyping assay that provides deeper insight leading to more clinically actionable breast cancer biology. . These tests can help physicians assess a patient’s individual risk for metastasis – that is, which patients are more sensitive to chemo, hormonal, or combination therapy, and which patients may not require these treatments and which patients may be treated with other, less arduous and costly methods.
In addition, Agendia has a pipeline of other genomic products in development. The company collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, leading cancer centers and academic groups to develop companion diagnostic tests in the area of oncology. It is also a critical partner in the ISPY-2 and the MINDACT trials. For more information, visit
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