Title: PROOFS Registry Pre –/perimenopausal patients with HR+/HER2 early breast cancer with intermediate to high clinical and low gen omic risk,
optimally treated by endocrine treatment plus ovarian function (OFS) or chemotherapy followed by endocrine treatment

Publication: ESMO 2023, #120TiP

Authors: Fischer LA, Gluz O, Graeser M, Nitz U, Christgen M, Harbeck N , Kümmel S, zu Eulenberg C, Warm M, Wuerstlein R


There is uncertainty about the optimal adjuvant treatment of pre –/perimenopausal women with hormone receptor positive ( HER 2 negative early breast
cancer ( with 0 to 3 positive lymph nodes in case of intermediate to high clinical and low genomic risk for recurrence As the observed chemotherapy ( benefit
might be attributed to CT induced ovarian function suppression ( endocrine therapy ( ovarian function suppression ( alone (without CT) might be sufficient for a subset of patients with endocrine sensitive disease The West German Study Group (WSG) initiated the PROOFS Registry to create a real world database and to obtain clarification on how to optimally treat these patients.