Biomark Insights. 2016; 11: 139–146. doi: 10.4137/BMI.S38435

Inès J. Beumer, Marion Persoon, Anke Witteveen, Christa Dreezen, Suet-Feung Chin, Stephen-John Sammut, Mireille Snel, Carlos Caldas, Sabine Linn, Laura J. van ’t Veer, Rene Bernards, and Annuska M. Glas

Pooled analysis. Study results validate MammaPrint as an independent factor for breast cancer patients with early-stage invasive lobular breast cancer. Hazard ratios up to 11 in multivariate analyses emphasize the independent value of MammaPrint, specifically in lymph node-negative ILC breast cancers.

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