IRVINE, CA and AMSTERDAM – Agendia, Inc., a world leader in personalized medicine and molecular cancer diagnostics, today announced the appointment of veteran diagnostics industry leader Mark R. Straley as Chief Executive Officer.  He succeeds Jan Egberts, M.D, who took on the position of CEO last October on an interim basis.
“We are very pleased to have Mark as CEO of Agendia,” said Pieter van der Meer, a member of Agendia’s Supervisory Board. “His experience in molecular diagnostics, extensive background in laboratory operations, and his success in building new markets make him the ideal person to take Agendia forward.”
“On behalf of Agendia’s board and all its employees, I would like extend our gratitude to Jan Egberts for his leadership over the past year,” said Harry Bartelink, M.D., Ph.D., a member of Agendia’s Supervisory Board. “His work has further developed Agendia into an internationally recognized innovator in molecular diagnostics.”
Straley brings more than 25 years of international experience developing and commercializing clinical diagnostics and laboratory services. Most recently he served as President, Anatomical Pathology of Thermo Fisher Scientific (Waltham, Mass.). Prior to this position he was President and CEO of Metamark Genetics (Cambridge, Mass.), a biotech company focusing on the development of prognostic and predictive diagnostic tests for personalized treatment of cancer patients.
From 2005 until 2010 Straley held positions at Johnson & Johnson company Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, first as Worldwide Vice President of Marketing and then as Worldwide President.
“I’m pleased to be able to serve Agendia’s growing number of physician customers and their patients,” Straley said. “I’m firmly committed to laying the foundation for the next level of success, as we expand the sales of MammaPrint®, BluePrint® and our other molecular tests, and as we continue to bring the benefits of our tests to patients around the world.”
About Agendia
Agendia is a privately owned, leading molecular diagnostic company that develops and markets FFPE-based genomic diagnostic products, which help support physicians with their complex treatment decisions. Agendia’s breast cancer suite was developed using an unbiased gene selection by analyzing the complete human genome.
This includes the MammaPrint test, which is the only FDA-cleared test for women of all ages and which is not limited by estrogen receptor status. Furthermore, Agendia’s suite of tests includes BluePrint, which in combination with MammaPrint provides the only commercially available way to predict response to current breast cancer chemotherapy and targeted therapy regimens. In addition to MammaPrint and BluePrint, which is a molecular subtyping assay that provides deeper insight leading to more clinically actionable biology, Agendia also offers TargetPrint®, an ER/PR/HER2 expression assay.
MammaPrint has six FDA clearances and is the only breast cancer recurrence assay backed by peer-reviewed, prospective outcome data. Agendia’s tests help physicians assess a breast cancer patient’s individual risk for metastasis, which patients may benefit from chemo, hormonal, or combination therapy, and which patients may not require these treatments and can instead be treated with other, less arduous and less costly methods.
In addition, Agendia has a pipeline of other genomic products in development. The company collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, leading cancer centers and academic groups to develop companion diagnostic tests in the area of oncology and is a critical partner in the I-SPY 2 and the MINDACT trials. For more information, visit
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