Cancer patients have the right to best-in-class genomic testing

We’re committed to ensuring easy access to our tests and the highest level of support for patients and their physicians because we believe every patient is unique, and their treatment should be too.


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Once you and your patient have decided that MammaPrint and BluePrint are right for her, you can order the tests online or by fax.

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Reporting/Ordering Resources: New Physician Summary Reports


For U.S. Providers

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MammaPrint High Risk Sample Report
MammaPrint Low Risk Sample Report
BluePrint Luminal Sample Report

For Outside the Americas

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MammaPrint High Risk Sample Report – Outside the Americas
MammaPrint Low Risk Sample Report – Outside the Americas
BluePrint Luminal Sample Report

Important ordering information

MammaPrint can be ordered alone or in combination with BluePrint.

BluePrint is not available independently. MammaPrint is available for any patient who meets its eligibility criteria, even if a patient has already had another type of genomic test.

Having this profile of my specific cancer that’s unique to me… well, it’s so much better for women.

— Mary, a breast cancer survivor