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MammaPrint & BluePrint are now available for patients in Canada

MammaPrint, the 70-gene breast cancer recurrence assay, is the only FDA-cleared risk of recurrence test backed by peer-reviewed, prospective outcome data and inclusion in both national and international treatment guidelines. BluePrint, the 80-gene molecular subtyping assay, evaluates the underlying biology of a tumor to determine what is driving its growth. Together, MammaPrint and BluePrint provide a comprehensive genomic profile to help physicians make more informed decisions in the pre- and post-operative treatment settings.

MammaPrint is Now Covered in Ontario!

MammaPrint is now available via the Out-of-Country (OOC) fund for Ontario patients with early-stage node negative breast cancer. MammaPrint can provide genomic insight to help you and your clinician make the most informed decisions about your treatment. Ask your physician to see if MammaPrint is right for you. The covered clinical indications for MammaPrint are:

  • Early Stage Invasive Breast Cancer
  • Tumor size 5cm
  • Estrogen receptor positive (ER+)
  • Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 negative (HER2-)
  • Lymph-node negative or micrometastasis
For more information about the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and Out of Country Approval Program, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Health website here.

To download a Test Request Form, please click here.

For Lymph node positive patients, or those interested in BluePrint Molecular Subtyping, please use the form below to contact Agendia directly to find out if you qualify for our Patient Support Program.



Nearly 50% of patients who would have received adjuvant chemotherapy were spared from that treatment with no impact on their outcomes.1


95% of clinically high risk patients, with up to 3 positive lymph nodes, who were MammaPrint Low Risk were free of distant metastases at 5 years without chemotherapy.2


Clinically high risk women over 50 with a MammaPrint Low Risk result can pursue less aggressive treatment – They had a 90% DMFS at 8 years, with or without chemotherapy.2

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1. Cardoso, F., et al. N Engl J Med 2016;375:717-29.
2. Piccart M, et al. Lancet Oncol. 2021 Apr;22(4):476-488.
*The average turnaround time for MammaPrint and BluePrint results (from receipt of specimen to reporting) is 6 days or less.