Raquel Nunes, Femke de Snoo, Lisette Stork-Sloots, Tina Treece, Christa Dreezen, William Audeh


Race and response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy according to MammaPrint risk

African-American (AA) women with breast cancer have a less
favorable prognosis, likely due to differences in tumor biology. The
Neoadjuvant BReast Cancer Symphony Trial (NBRST, NCT01479101)
was a prospective trial that has shown an association of AA (150) MammaPrint/BluePrint (MP/BP) with a rate of pathologic Complete
Response (pCR) of 2% pCR in Luminal A with 95% Distant Metastasis
Free Interval at 3 yrs. Here, we determine the MP/BP risk 93% distribution, the response to therapy, and outcome in AA and
Caucasian (Cau) patients.

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