AACR, Poster 2612


Pei Rong Evelyn Lee, Zelos Zhu, Denise Wolf, Christina Yau, William Audeh, Annuska Glas, Lamorna Brown-Swigart, Gillian Hirst, Angela DeMichele, ISPY2 TRIAL Investigators, Laura Esserman and Laura van ‘t Veer


BluePrint Luminal subtype predicts non-response to HER2-targeted therapies in HR+/HER2+ I-SPY2 breast cancer patients

BluePrint® molecular profile determines the mRNA levels of 80 genes that discriminate between 3 breast cancer subtypes – Luminal, HER2 and Basal – based on functional molecular pathways.

  • Previous studies suggest that within the HR+/HER2+ breast cancer subtype, patients classified as BluePrint (BP) Luminal subtype are more responsive to pertuzumab and trastuzumab (P/H) as opposed to trastuzumab (H) alone.
  • In the I-SPY2 TRIAL (NCT01042379), HER2-targeted treatment arms include H, P/H, neratinib (N), TDM1/pertuzumab (P), MK2206/ H and AMG386/H; and patients were classified by BP molecular subtyping in addition to conventional receptors.

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