Clinical and Scientific Evidence for MammaPrint + BluePrint


The FLEX real world data platform explores new gene expression profiles and investigator-initiated protocols in early stagebreast cancer

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Laura Lee, Sami Diab, Julie Barone, Jennifer A. Crozier, Margret Chen, Rakshanda Layeequr Rahman, Robert Maganini, Douglas Marks, Amy M. Truitt, Lisa Blumencranz10, Erin Yoder10, William Audeh, Bastiaan van der Baan, FLEX Investigators Group Background: Genomic expression profiles have implications for the personalized treatment of breast Read More

Using BluePrint to elucidate the molecular heterogeneity of triple negative breast cancers

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Virginia G. Kaklamani, Cathy Graham, Karen L. Tedesco, Abirami Sivapiragasam, Jennifer A. Crozier, Apurva N. Shah, Yuan Yuan, Josien Haan, Andrea Menicucci, Michelle L. Bolner, Shiyu Wang, Lorenza Mittempergher, Erin Yoder, William Audeh9, FLEX Investigators' Group Background: Triple negative breast cancers (TNBC) are more aggressive, have Read More

5-year outcomes in the NBRST trial: preoperative MammaPrint and BluePrint breast cancer subtype is associated with neoadjuvant treatment response and survival

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Pat Whitworth, James V Pellicane, Jr., Paul Baron, Peter Beitsch, Laura Lee, Michael Rotkis, Angela Mislowsky, Carrie Dul, Charles Nash, BichlienNguyen, Mary Murray, Paul Richards, Mark Gittleman, Stephanie Akbari, ShiyuWang, Erin B Yoder, Andrea Menicucci, Lisa Blumencranz, William Audeh, NBRST Investigators Group Background: MammaPrint (MP) identifies Read More

The 70-gene signature (MammaPrint) accurately predicts distant breast cancer recurrence risk in older patients

PUBLICATION: SABCS 2020 AUTHORS: Iris Noordhoek, Esther Bastiaannet, Ersan Lujinovic, Laura Esserman, Jelle Wesseling, Astrid Scholten, Carolien Schroders, Sjoerd Elias, Nienke de Glas, Judith Kroep, Johanneke Portielje, Miranda Kleijn, Gerrit-Jan Liefers Introduction: Adjuvant therapy for hormone receptor positive (HR+) breast cancer (BC) is guided by clinicopathological risk factors, but these Read More

MammaPrint and BluePrint NGS Results are Robust and Accurate for Patients with Early Stage Breast Cancer

PUBLICATION: AMP 2020 AUTHORS: Douglas Kingma, Kasey Lawrence, Sahra Uygun, Camila Zanette, Helen Yang, Sammy Mee, Lorenza Mittempergher, Anke Witteveen, Leonie Delahaye, Bob Chan, Annuska Glas 1. Tennessee Oncology, Nashville, TN; 2. Agendia Inc, Irvine, CA; 3. Agendia NV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Introduction: MammaPrint (MP) and BluePrint (BP) are gene Read More

ESMO 2020: UltraLow Data from the IKA Cohort

PUBLICATION: ESMO 2020 AUTHORS: Mark Opdam, Vincent van der Noort, Miranda Kleijn, Anuska Glas, Ingrid Mandjes, Dinja Kruger, Paul van Diest, Jan Vermorken, Harm van Tinteren, Sabine Linn Background: Adjuvant tamoxifen is widely used as endocrine treatment for oestrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancers (BC). Guidelines recommend the use of Read More